Our Story

Let me tell you a little about ourselves. Most of the time, I refer to the company I say “I” only because I am the one talking (rather typing) to you. However, I am proud to say Crazy Love Bath and Body is actually family owned and operated company. My name is Melissa and along with my husband Ryan, I (we?) started making soaps as a fun hobby and a way to make something handmade that my whole family would benefit from. We love knowing what is in our products and even more importantly, we love being able to pronounce all of the ingredients.

Together we love making soaps, sugar scrubs and bathbombs… well, not so much bathbombs; but I am working on finding my love for them. Ryan is also my “tech guy”, so if you ever have a problem with the website, it is all his fault. We have two amazing little girls; who are our official cheerleaders and soap testers, they love smelling and using the soaps we make.

We are located in a small, rural town of Elizabeth, Colorado. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by the beauty of nature and we have tried to put inspiration into all of our products.

Our Dancing Sunrise Soap reminds us sitting on the back porch as we are mesmerized by the colors of our gorgeous sunrises. Our Country Lovin Soap is made with locally sourced the goat's milk and we use local beeswax whenever possible.  

Our mission with Crazy Love Bath and Body is to create high quality, handcrafted soaps, bath and cosmetic products that you will absolutely fall in love with; products that are safe for the whole family and free of the unpronounceable chemicals that are commonly found in the commercial products today. Our products handcrafted in small batches allowing us to pour over every detail to ensure the highest quality. Our ingredients are sourced from cruelty-free suppliers and never tested on animals. We will never offer you a product that we would not feel completely comfortable using on our own daughters first.  

Please contact us for custom orders at least 6 weeks in advance.  Our soaps need about four weeks to cure so you have a longer lasting bar of soap.



A Soap with a Purpose

Our Give-A-Bar Promise

One day, while Ryan and I we were still just dreaming of Crazy Love Bath and Body, I was driving to church thinking how I wanted this to be more than just a business. I wanted Crazy Love to be our missions statement, an avenue to help people. So I made some calls to local women's shelters, homeless shelters and a few other non-profit organizations here in Colorado; all of which said there was a huge need. But we need your help.

And so began our Give-A-Bar Promise. For every four bars of soap purchased, we will donate one of our bars of soap to a local non-profit organization. It sounds simple but these donated soaps will add up quickly and make a big difference in someone’s life. I can’t imagine going through a situation where I have to leave my home with only the clothes on my back, or losing my home and feeling so lost. We know that soap won’t change the world or make all of these issues go away. But I can picture people who receive these bars of soap and smiling, knowing they were thought of, cared for and grateful for a little taste of normalcy.

Help us make a difference! Our Goal for 2019 is to donate 300 bars.