My Favorite Scent

What is my favorite fragrance oil at the moment?…

After spending over a year sampling and testing fragrance oils, it is so hard to try to narrow it down to just one fragrance oil that is my favorite. However, since you are asking I will try my best to pick just one.  The reason I struggle with picking one single favorite fragrance is my mood! Truly it depends on my mood, which is the case with most women… Am I right?!

Anyway, if I am feeling flirty then I go with Uptown Girl, if I am feeling homesick I reach for country loving, it’s such a comforting scent.  If I am having a coffee craving I bring out the java jo soap.  I know, I know, get to the point Melissa, what is your favorite….

Since you have been so patient with my rambling I would have to say that Dancing Sunrise is my favorite fragrance at the moment.  I love using it in the shower, especially on Monday mornings when I really just want to go back to bed.  This fragrance is the best, it can help wake me up or give me that lovely burst of energy any time of the day.

I often keep a bar by my bathroom sink and if I am having a rough mom day or a little extra stress from the day, I can go wash my hands or face with this soap and when I breathe in that wonderful citrus fragrance I feel refreshed and ready to take the next step in my day.  

This is not a magic fragrance oil, it has no special powers but the scent does wonders

for me and I thoroughly enjoy this soap.  Let me know what you think of Dancing Sunrise below, I would love to hear if this is your favorite also.  

Melissa Gonzalez