I am not sure you could be as excited as I am. I am literally jumping from excitement, ok maybe not literally jumping but for sure doing a happy dance. This has been a year-long process of testing recipes, testing fragrances, handing out samples and all the “little” things that go into creating a business.  

Ryan has poured hours and hours into our website, (which is beautiful if I say so myself). I have spent many hours making soaps and sugar scrubs and preparing for our launch. I have more soaps coming in the next few weeks, but I just couldn’t wait any longer before launching our website. I am working on an FAQ page, so send me your questions and I can give you some personal attention and answer any question and also add your question to that section of our page.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that has supported and encouraged me through this development and starting process. I am so excited and ready to hit the ground running and to bring all you wonderful people some great, high quality products.   

Melissa Gonzalez